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  • Fishnet Stockings: How to Make Them Chic

    Fishnet stockings are sexy - but they can be classy, too. We're sharing the best ways to create a chic fashion daytime look with your fishnets. Check them out.

    Sexy legs in stockings with sandalsWhen you think fishnet stockings, what comes to mind?

    A late night-to-remember on the town, probably, or a costume party. There’s no doubt fishnet stockings can be sexy.

    Did you know that fishnet stockings can be classy, too?

    Really, there’s a way to wear fishnets in a non-costumey way, even during the day.

    So if you’re sick of the same old stockings, read on. If you’re looking to ditch matronly for something closer to elegant spunk, read on. We're stocking experts, and we’re sharing the best way to create a chic daytime look with your fishnets – so you can mix it up without risking your reputation.

    How do I rock fishnet stockings in professional settings?

    Stick to the mesh with smaller diamond-shaped holes.

    Small diamond fishnet stockingsThis way, from a distance it’s not possible to tell that you’re wearing fishnets. You’ll avoid seeming too sexy or sultry – or, worst of all, in poor taste – while still wearing a textured tight that gives your ensemble the spark you’re craving.

    Trust us, a finer-mesh fishnet is more sophisticated. Period.

    Stick to the classic mesh pattern.

    Because that’s pattern enough.

    Save your fishnets with the flowers, hearts, rips, and so on for another setting.

    Don’t overdo the patterns when it comes to the rest of your outfit either. The classic fishnets alone are pattern enough. So go for solid blocks of color elsewhere.

    Stick to professional colors.

    Gwen Stefani in fishnetsWhile the daytime fishnet is trending, it’s not traditional yet. Really, you’re probably already pushing a boundary by wearing fishnet stockings to work or some other professional function, so don’t push your luck with color.

    If you want to look chic, choose black, brown, gray, and nude colored fishnet stockings.

    There might, and we mean might, be times when an olive green fishnet (or some other less-traditional-colored fishnet) works okay as part of a professional ensemble. It’s case by case, and we’d probably want to see you in the outfit and know a bit more specifically about where you’re headed in it before granting the exception.

    Almost always, let your pop of color come from somewhere else, like a piece of jewelry.

    Wear fishnet stockings with closed-toe shoes.

    No one wants to see your fishnet-trapped toes – not even if you’ve just had your toenails done.

    So stick to closed-toe shoes whether you opt for flats, heels, or boots.

    Wear fishnet stockings with longer skirts.

    Even if you stick to a subdued color and basic small-holed pattern, daytime fishnets can become too much when you pair them with a mini skirt. You’re not headed to the club, so don’t dress like it.

    Make sure your skirt is not more than an inch above your knees.

    And don’t go for a skirt with multiple slits, no matter the length. A longer skirt with a single respectable slit is better in a professional situation, especially if you’re rocking fishnets underneath.

    Wear fishnet stockings with a longer skirt, plus boots.

    fishnets long bootsIs your office pretty conservative?

    In that case, wear tall boots with that about-knee-length skirt, and show off your sexy fishnetted knees only. This is a super fun look, and a great way to test the fishnet waters for yourself and in your workplace.

    Wear fishnet stockings under slacks.

    During the colder months, you might swap thermal long underwear or tights for something a bit holier.

    If you’re nervous about wearing fishnets to a professional event, this approach is a great way to ease into it. See how your colleagues respond, and build confidence. Maybe you’ll graduate to work-appropriate skirts and fishnets by spring.

    You can even start with fishnet knee-highs, if the weather doesn’t really call for a two layers wherever you are, or if you don’t enjoy the feel of tights under pants.

    Fishnets with pants are a sexy ankle approach.

    What if I’m going someplace dressy, but it’s not for work?

    red nylon fishnet stockingsThe rules for professional wear are still a good place to start.

    You can show a bit more leg, though. So where you might ease into wearing fishnets to work by showing off fishnetted knees or ankles only, here you can feature the whole lower leg more surely.

    So pick out your favorite knee-length dress or skirt and a pair of closed-toe high heels. Give your little black dress and favorite black heels an upgrade – fishnetted legs for all to see.

    Oh, and, this would be a better time to try a non-traditional color. Wear fishnets over colored opaque tights, or more-brightly-colored fishnets.

    What if I’m making fishnets part of my everyday non-work wear?

    fishnet with ripped deniumYou’ve got more flexibility.

    Maybe the way you’d wear fishnets to work is similar to the way you’d wear fishnets by day no matter where you’re going. Or, maybe dressing for work (in fishnets or not) makes you feel like you have to hold yourself back some.

    If you’re dressing in daytime fishnets for you, you can let a bit more of your personality shine through.

    You can go for a larger mesh size.

    You can wear fishnets with ripped denim – let those fishnets poke through. Or wear them with denim cutoffs.

    You can wear fishnets with sneakers – probably not your gym shoes, though. We’re thinking fashionable city-slicker sneakers.

    Get your fishnet right, and wear with confidence.

    fishnet tights are in styleLike a pop of color in a top accessory – a bulky turquoise necklace or a magenta scarf – fishnet stockings can be the accessory that help you stand apart just enough. They can give you an edge. They can make you look more like you.

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look daring, or even feel a little sexy, during the day, or even at work. But you’ve got to know where to draw the line.

    Remember, fishnets make a bold statement. So keep it classic everywhere else. While your legs are saying, “look at me, I’m sexy,” let the rest of your outfit say, “look at me, I’ve got class.” Let your fishnets play against the classic type you’re wearing everywhere else – it’s a smart look.

    You don’t want your hosiery to distract from your work. You want your daily ensemble to support who you are at work. You want to attract the right kind of attention.

    You’ve got to know when you’re making others uncomfortable. Respect yourself and others, so you can earn their respect in return. Part of respecting yourself and others is dressing respectably.

    A streak of the non-traditional can make you stand out in all the right ways if you’re poised when attention is on you. Nothing makes a daytime fishnet more chic than the competence of the person in them.

    So, if you like fishnets, and you’re looking for a new wardrobe adventure, try fishnet stockings during the day. Have a little fishnet rebellion, we say!

    Get fishnet shopping, and don’t be shy about getting in touch if you’ve got questions.

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